The Problem?

A coach remains restricted by his own time & geographic location.

So after speaking to 1,000s of Sport Specific Coaches

We built a virtual training platform to solve their core pain

Use Cases & Early Adopters

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Receiver School 

With more than a 100k across multiple social media platforms. Receiver school is utilizing CoachIQ to open an online course membership to WR coaches & players. 

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One of the largest jiu-jitsu facilities in the world lacks the ability to offer personalized online coaching to clients outside of San Diego. With CoachIQ they can now offer 1 on 1 coaching via video analysis & live video synchronization. 

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Linebacker University

After running camps throughout the country their business is cut in half with the restriction of only in person offseason coaching. CoachIQ is allowing them to open an online course store as well as offer in season, game by game coaching to their clientele. 

Pitch Deck, Market Size, Competition 

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